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What is Anal Fistula? Know its Causes, Symptoms and Home remedies

What is Anal Fistula? Know its Causes, Symptoms and Home remedies

2022-03-17 12:40:23

An anal fistula is also known as a fistula. It is like a small tube that connects the end of the intestine to the skin near the anus. This usually happens when an infection does not heal properly. Most fissures are caused by the accumulation of pus in the anal canal. This pus also comes out of the skin on its own and sometimes it may require an operation. A fistula occurs when the opening for pus to come out of the skin remains open or does not heal. Symptoms include pain, swelling, change in normal bowel movements and discharge from the anus. To check this, the doctor conducts a physical examination in which fissures are examined in the anus and surrounding area. Surgery can be done to treat fistulas in which pus is removed from the infected area.

Types of Anal Fistula

Simple or complex- 

Having one or more fistulas is classified as a common or complex fistula.

Low or High- 

It is classified more or less depending on the location of the fissure and its proximity to the sphincter muscles (two ring-like muscles that open and close the anus).


Symptoms of Anal Fistula

  • Frequent boils in the anus.
  • Pain and swelling around the anus.
  • Pain in passing stool.
  • Having bleeding.
  • Smelly and bloody pus coming out of a hole near the anus (the pain may subside after the pus is drained).
  • Burning of the skin around the anus due to frequent pus discharge.
  • Fever, body chills and feeling tired.
  • Constipation etc.

Causes of Anal Fistula

  • Most fissures occur after an abscess in the anus. This can happen when the pus from the boil does not heal after it is released. It is estimated that every two to four people who have an abscess in the anus develop a fistula problem.
  • Crohn's disease (a type of long-lasting disease in which the digestive system becomes inflamed).
  • Diverticulitis: In this, the sacs in the lining of the large intestine become inflamed.
  • Abscesses and scarring of the skin around the anus.
  • Being infected with TB or HIV.
  • Complications of any surgery near the anus.

Home Remedies for Anal Fistula

Fibre-rich food-

Constipation occurs in the fistula. Foods containing fibre should be consumed to cure constipation. During fissure disease, non-vegetarian food should be avoided while fruits, vegetables and whole grains etc. should be consumed more.

Hot compress-

In the case of fistula, compressing the anus with lukewarm water is beneficial. The compress provides relief during a fistula. For this, put betadine in hot water and compress the affected area.

Neem leaves-

Neem leaves are a panacea for the removal of fissures. These leaves are used in many ways. Boiling neem leaves and washing the fissures with that water helps to provide relief. Making a paste of boiled neem leaves and applying it to the fistula is also beneficial. The paste of neem and ghee in the anal fistula also proves to be very effective.

Pomegranate leaves-

Pomegranate is a fruit which along with increasing the amount of blood in the body works to protect against many diseases. Its leaves also have many healing properties. Therefore, after boiling pomegranate leaves in water, washing the fistula affected area with that water gives great benefit.

Black pepper-

The use of Lajwanti and black pepper gives relief in the fistula. Making a paste by grinding black pepper and Lajwanti and then applying that paste to the fistula area helps to provide relief.


Garlic has powerful antioxidant properties and is known for its taste, anti-biotic properties and health benefits. Therefore, it is eaten by putting in food items or even raw. Garlic is the best medicine to eliminate bacteria. Therefore, garlic should be first ground and roasted in ghee and then it should be applied in the place of a fissure.

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