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What is Citronella Essential Oil? Know its Benefits and Uses.

What is Citronella Essential Oil? Know its Benefits and Uses.

2022-03-17 11:21:52

Citronella essential oil is a host of health benefits spread throughout the body system that works to fight and eliminate many types of bacteria. Citronella essential oil also optimizes functions related to digestion and kidneys. It lowers the body's fever and works as a diuretic. It also increases the circulation of blood, improves the excretory system and optimizes the nervous system. This oil works on multiple grounds- it inhibits fungal growth, acts as a toner and also helps in combatting depression.
What is Citronella Oil?
Citronella is a type of grass that has a beautiful crisp and a special kind of aroma that's why it is called citronella. It is commonly known as lemongrass. Citronella essential oil is derived from two types of citronella- Ceylon citronella and the Java citronella, both of them are very powerful but Java citronella is considered much better than Ceylon citronella.
Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil
For fever-
Citronella essential oil helps in reducing fever due to a combination of its effects. The diaphoretic property present in this oil works to reduce body temperature by flushing out toxins from the body. Apart from this, the anti-microbial properties of this oil also help in eliminating bacteria and other microbes.
For cramps-
Citronella essential oil is also known to provide relief from cramps, especially for spasms occurring in the muscular system, respiratory system and nervous system. Apart from this, it is also good for menstrual cramps in women. Along with this, it is also beneficial in cough related throat spasms.
For stomach ailments-
The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil work to reduce various stomach infections, reduce intestinal inflammation and contribute to the smooth functioning of the digestive system.
For fungal growth-
Citronella essential oil helps prevent the growth of fungal infections that can damage the ear, nose, and throat. Apart from this, it also proves helpful in curing fungal dysentery.
For depression-
Citronella essential oil is used for aromatherapy as it helps people fight their depression, this is because it works to make a person feel light and happy and removes anxiety and negative thoughts. Therefore, citronella essential oil is extremely beneficial for people suffering from depression.
As a stimulant-
Citronella essential oil has a stimulating effect on various bodily functions. It improves the circulation of blood and also stimulates the production of secretions and discharges in the body like hormones and enzymes. It also increases activity in the nervous system. In addition, it can help with the body's metabolism and also stimulates the immune system.
As an insect repellant-
Unwanted bugs can cause a whole world of trouble. These bacteria and viruses can make the body sick and can contaminate food when mixed with it. Insect biting a person can cause rashes on the body, ranging from itching to fever and hallucinations. Apart from this, insects like mosquitoes can give rise to dengue, malaria and yellow fever. In this case, citronella essential oil acts as a great insect repellent that kills insects and keeps them away from home. It also proves effective against pests like lice and fleas.
As anti-inflammatory properties-
Inflammation can generally be caused due to many reasons such as drugs, narcotics, spicy food and any number of toxins in the body. In this case, citronella essential oil proves to be helpful in reducing inflammation of the liver, stomach, respiratory system and intestines because it has anti-inflammatory properties.
Helps in preventing the growth of bacteria-
Citronella essential oil is rich in methyl isoeugenol which helps to eliminate bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria in the body. As a result, it is beneficial in treating infections of the colon, prostate, urinary tract, stomach, kidney, bladder and urethra, apart from treating wound infections caused by bacteria. Citronella essential oil has antiseptic properties which prove to be helpful in fighting many infections in the kidneys, wounds, urinary tract, urethra and prostate.
Aids in the removal of toxins-
Citronella essential oil is a diaphoretic, that is, it helps to induce sweating. In this form, it works to remove excess oil, fat, water and foreign toxins from the body through sweating. Apart from this, it also helps in keeping the functions of the body at an optimum level and prevents the body from getting sick.
Citronella essential oil is a diuretic that works to stimulate urine. As a result, the excess oil, fat, water, uric acid and foreign toxins present in the body are excreted through urine. Since this oil proves helpful in flushing out excess calcium from the kidney, it also prevents the formation of excess calcium that causes kidney stones.
Uses of Citronella Oil
In many places, it is also used for perfume and fragrance.
Citronella essential oil is used on the skin as a bug repellant.
In some places, it is used in the food and beverage industry.
It is also used to flavour a variety of dishes and drinks.
This oil is also used by mixing it with other oils like eucalyptus, sage, cedarwood etc.
Side Effects and Allergies of Citronella Oil
Excessive use of citronella essential oil can cause interlace, skin irritation or sensitization. Apart from this, this oil should also not be used by young children, pregnant women because it can be harmful to them.


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