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What is Gulkand and its Benefits?

What is Gulkand and its Benefits?

2021-12-15 15:11:42

Gulkand is also called a marmalade of rose leaves. It is a type of aromatic jam which is loved in homes due to its sweet taste and smells even better. Most people would have consumed Gulkand in the form of paan and sweets but its many benefits also overcome health-related problems. It works by keeping the body refreshed for a long time.

As mentioned above, the marmalade made from rose petals is called gulkand. It is prepared using fresh rose leaves and sugar for taste. Most people like to consume it in summer so that the body can be kept cool. Apart from this, due to the aroma and taste of Gulkand, it is also used in many delicious foods.

Benefits of Gulkand
For constipation-

Consumption of Gulkand cures the problem of constipation because magnesium is present in Gulkand which exhibits a laxative effect by eliminating constipation problems.

For mouth ulcers-

According to scientific research, the main reason for mouth blisters is the lack of vitamin B complex in the mouth. Therefore, it is an easy remedy to consume gulkand when there is a blister in the mouth because there is a lot of vitamin-B group in Gulkand due to which the mouth blisters can be cured.

For stomach problems-

Gulkand is considered very beneficial for stomach related problems. It works to improve the digestive system and relieve problems like constipation. It also works to relieve stomach gas caused by indigestion.

For weight loss-

Consuming gulkand helps in weight loss because the rose leaves used to make Gulkand do not contain fat. Therefore, eating low-fat foods is effective in weight loss.

For eyes-

Gulkand has a cold effect. Hence, swelling and redness in the eyes can be treated with its intake. This has also been said in the research report of experts.

For a healthy heart-

Gulkand contains magnesium which works actively to control blood pressure and blood glucose levels in the body which helps to keep the heart healthy for a long time.

For memory-

Consumption of Gulkand can prove beneficial for memory because Gulkand has antioxidant properties which act positively to improve memory.

For fatigue and mental stress-

Gulkand, being an effective antioxidant, works to energize the body. It calms the nervous system and relieves mental tension and its cooling effect helps to relieve fatigue.

For skin-

Gulkand acts as a tonic for the skin. Consuming gulkand helps relieve skin problems such as pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Apart from this, all types of toxins are removed from the body by eating Gulkand, which purifies the blood of the body. 

Ways to eat Gulkand-
  • Gulkand can be consumed with hot milk at night.
  • It is also consumed by applying on sweets or betel leaves.
  • This can be consumed by applying it to bread.
  • Gulkand can also be consumed with water in summer.
Side effects of Gulkand-

No chemicals are used in the preparation of Gulkand. Therefore its losses are negligible but sugar is used for flavouring in Gulkand. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes should take it according to the advice of the doctor.


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