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What is Padmasana? Know its Procedure and Benefits

What is Padmasana? Know its Procedure and Benefits

2022-11-10 00:00:00

Padmasana is a sitting yoga practice which is derived from the Sanskrit words “Padma”, i.e., lotus flower, and “Asana”, meaning posture. During this asana, the person's body comes in the shape of a lotus. The lotus has a lot of religious importance in Indian culture. It is believed that sitting in Padmasana posture removes many physical and mental problems.

How to practice Padmasana

  • Sit on a mat or rug and spread your legs.
  • While breathing in, keep your waist and neck straight.
  • Breathe in and bend your right leg, placing the heel on the left thigh in such a way that the heel comes near the navel.
  • Similarly, lift the other leg and place it on the right thigh in such a way that both the heels meet near the navel.
  • Note that the knees of both feet should be V from the ground.
  • During this, keep your elbows straight.
  • Now sit in this posture for some time or as per your capacity.
  • Continue the process of inhaling and exhaling normally in this posture.

Benefits of doing Padmasana

  • By doing this asana, the flexibility of the knees and hips increases.
  • This asana provides strength by stretching the knees and ankles.
  • This asana provides peace to the mind.
  • It heals the digestive system.
  • With its continuous practice, memory power and the sense of thought increase.
  • This asana stimulates the stomach and bladder.
  • It helps remove physical fatigue and gets you better sleep.
  • This asana helps in relieving the discomfort during menstruation and sciatica.
  • Regularly sitting in this posture during pregnancy makes childbirth easier and reduces labor pain.
  • According to mythology, all kinds of diseases are cured by regularly practicing Padmasana. At the same time, it also awakens the Kundalini.

Take these precautions while doing Padmasana

  • Do Padmasana for the first time only under the supervision of a yoga expert.
  • People suffering from knee or ankle pain should not do it.
  • Pregnant women should practice Padmasana only under the supervision of a yoga expert.


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