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Why is Colocynth(Indrayan) a useful herb in Ayurveda

Why is Colocynth(Indrayan) a useful herb in Ayurveda

2021-12-21 17:31:22

In Ayurveda, there are many herbs that are useful to treat various illnesses. Colocynth (Indrayan) is a useful herb that has immense healing capacity. Each part of this plant is useful. Right from the roots to the stem, leaves, and the fruit we use it for treating various medical conditions. The fruits and seeds of Indrayan are often used to treat urinary infections. In this blog, we will see what is Indrayan and its benefits.


Indrayan (Citrullus colocynthis) is a creeper(climbing plant) that grows in sandy and arid soil (desert and semi-desert soil). It appears like a watermelon. It has several names that differ from region to region. To name a few, people call it colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, desert gourd, egusi, the vine of Sodom, and wild gourd.


Benefits of Indrayan

  • Indrayan is an antidote to bites of insects such as scorpion and snake.
  • Indrayan is effective in the treatment of ascites.
  • People use this herb for the treatment of lung infections and liver disorders.
  • Applying the pulp on the skin also cures skin problems such as pimples and acne.
  • The pulp or leaves of this herb is a folk remedy. It can treat cancerous tumors as well.
  • It is an excellent remedy to treat Diabetes and hypertension.
  • Colocynth curbs skin problems such as scrap and warts.
  • Kadha made of the whole plant mixed with fennel juice help indurations of the liver.
  • It is a natural blood purifier. 
  • Colocynth is also a good herbal remedy for rheumatic pain and arthritis.
  • It helps to kill intestinal worms and also eases constipation.
  • Indrayan is also beneficial to treat menstruation disorders such as menopause, leucorrhoea, scanty menses, and Amenorrhea.

Benefits of Indrayan fruit (Colocynth (Indrayan) useful)

  • We use the fruit pulp extract in the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTI).
  • The dry pulp of raw fruit has a cathartic action on the intestinal tract.
  • We use the fruit of Indrayan as a remedy for sore throat and skin infections.
  • Indrayan phal extract also provides relief to patients with painful diabetic neuropathy.

Where is Colocynth found?


Colocynth is native to India. Nowadays, it has naturalized across tropical and subtropical regions. It is widely naturalized in the parts of Australia and also in some other parts of the world including the southern USA.


Colocynth, a cost-effective biofuel 


Colocynth contains up to 47% oil which makes it an extremely cost-effective biofuel. It has the ability to substitute the requirement of low-cost feedstock. An added benefit of this herb is the ability to grow on marginal land.


With technology, this herb can extract oil. We can use the oil for the production of biodiesel.


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