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Sciatica - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment methods

Sciatica - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment methods

2021-12-09 10:31:40

Nowadays, the problem of back pain or pain in its lower part has become very common which is more common in young people than in elderly people. The main reasons for this problem are- sitting and working on the computer all day and lifting heavyweights in the wrong way etc. People ignore this type of pain in the body thinking that it is due to overwork or fatigue which is the biggest mistake of a person. This common feeling of pain later becomes the cause of sciatica. In sciatica, gradually the lower part of the waist becomes useless. However, there is no need to panic a bit about this because it can be avoided by adopting some measures and remedies in time.


What is Sciatica?

Sciatica refers to pain in the legs and lower back. The main reason for this pain is compression of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve present in the body which starts from the lower parts of the waist and goes through the hips to the ankles. This is the reason that the problem caused by this affects all the lower parts of the waist. In the early stages, this pain in the back feels mild but later this pain becomes more painful and gradually starts extending from the waist to the hips and then to the feet. Apart from pain in the lower back of the person suffering from this, weakness, tingling and numbness are felt.


Symptoms of Sciatica disease

The following are common symptoms of sciatica-

  • Persistence of mild pain in the lower parts of the waist, hips and legs.
  • Feeling more pain in the legs than in the waist.
  • Severe pain in one leg.
  • Pain in the toes along with the feet.
  • Tingling feeling in the lower back and legs.
  • Leg weakness.
  • Burning or tingling on the soles of the feet.
  • Feeling difficulty in walking, standing and sitting.

Causes of Sciatica

There are many reasons for having sciatica but the main reason for this is a problem or injury in the sciatic nerve. This pain can also be caused by getting up in the wrong posture, sitting or due to an accident due to which there is pressure on the sciatic nerve. Apart from this, there are some other common reasons for having sciatica which is as follows:


Herniated disc-

It is also called a slipped disc. Each vertebra in the spinal cord is connected by discs. If these vertebrae break, then there is pressure on the nervous system of the body. As a result, pain arises in the groin or its lower parts. After some time this pain starts affecting different parts of the body as well.


Spinal stenosis-

In this condition, there is a narrowing of the lower canal or end of the spinal cord. This contraction also puts pressure on the roots of the nervous system. As a result, pain starts in the lower parts of the waist.


Piriformis syndrome-

It is a serious neuromuscular disorder in which the piriformis muscle is compressed or tightened due to sciatica. The piriformis is the muscle that connects the lower part of the spine to the thighs. The main reason for this is sitting for a long time, injury to the legs or thighs due to some reason, etc.


Abnormal curvature of the spine-

Normally, the length of the spine increases in equal proportion with age from childhood due to which balance remains in the body. On the contrary, if for some reason there is more growth in one part of the spine and less growth in the other part, then due to this irregular growth, the physical balance gets disturbed due to which the body becomes afflicted with sciatica and other serious diseases.


Cancer on the spine-

A tumour that develops on the spinal cord puts pressure on the body's nervous system. As a result, sciatica may arise.


Risk factors for having Sciatica

  • Being old.
  • Having diabetes.
  • Working for long hours.

To avoid the pain of sciatica, make these changes in your lifestyle and diet-

  • Do not work while sitting in one posture for a long time.
  • Do not bend over and lift heavy objects.
  • If you have to work on the computer while sitting on the chair for hours due to high work pressure, then put a small pillow on the chair and try to sit straight.
  • Do exercises related to the spine as per the advice of the doctor.
  • Practice yoga and exercise to keep the spine flexible in old age.
  • Do not work if there is severe pain in the sciatica.
  • Do not wear high heels.
  • Avoid bending over.
  • Abstain from smoking.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water.
  • Do not consume refined flour and sugary things if you have sciatica.
  • Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as flaxseeds, peanuts and nuts.
  • Eat vitamin-A rich foods like carrots, green leafy vegetables, mangoes and apricots.
  • Eat a diet rich in potassium.
  • Do not consume junk food and oily food.
  • Avoid consumption of foods that increase Vata in the body like peas, rajma, urad, arbi, brinjal, potato, jackfruit etc.

Home remedies for Sciatica

Turmeric provides relief in sciatica

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help in reducing inflammation in the body. Therefore, turmeric is very beneficial in sciatica pain. It works in both pain and inflammation. For this, drinking turmeric mixed with milk before sleeping every day provides relief in pain.


Mustard oil provides relief in sciatica-

Heat at least 4 to 5 cloves of garlic and 2 to 3 bay leaves in mustard oil. After cooling down a bit, massage the back, waist and legs with this oil. During this, massage the spine with the thumb with light hands. By doing this, the pain gets relieved soon.


Carom seeds (Ajwain) is beneficial in sciatica-

Carom seeds (Ajwain) also proves to be effective in relieving sciatica. For this, boil 10 grams of carom seeds in a glass of water and boil it well. Now filter and drink this water.


Fenugreek seeds are beneficial in the treatment of sciatica-

Fenugreek seeds are rich in protein that helps to relieve the pain of arthritis and sciatica. For this, consuming fenugreek water daily in the morning (before brushing) is very beneficial.


Rock salt reduces sciatica pain-

Mix two to three tablespoons of rock salt in a tub of warm water and soak your feet and lower back in it for 10 to 20 minutes. It provides relief in the pain and swelling.


Clove oil removes the pain of sciatica-

Gently massage the painful area with clove oil. This increases blood flow and relaxes the muscles. Clove oil is very beneficial if there is any kind of pain in any part of the body.


Treatment of Sciatica with Ayurvedic herbs


The flowers, leaves and bark of Harsingar are all rich in medicinal properties but its leaves are commonly used in Ayurveda for the treatment of sciatica. For this, boil 250 grams of Harsingar leaves in about 1 litre of water until it becomes 700 ml. Now filter it after cooling and mix a few strands of saffron in it and keep it in a vessel. Now drink it daily in the amount of one cup in the morning and evening. To get relief from sciatica pain, repeat this regularly for a month.


Drumstick (moringa)-

Drumstick is also known for the treatment of sciatica. For this, boil 100 grams drumstick leaves, 100 grams Ashoka bark and 25 grams of carom seeds in 2 litres of water. Boil this water till it burns to 1 liter. Now filter this water and keep it. Consume it in 50-50 grams doses in the morning and evening. By using it regularly for 3 months, the problem of sciatica goes away.


Nutmeg bark-

Nutmeg bark proves to be effective for getting relief from sciatica. For this, grind the bark of the nutmeg and mix it with 500 grams of mustard oil and heat it. After cooking for five minutes, take this oil off the flame and filter it with a cloth and keep it in a vessel. In case of pain, warm this oil lightly and massage it slowly. Keep in mind that while massaging, do not apply pressure and make sure to compress after massage.

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