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What is Sprain? Know its Symptoms and Treatment

What is Sprain? Know its Symptoms and Treatment

2021-12-09 10:36:03

Any type of injury to the ligament etc. is called a sprain. Ligaments are hard, flexible and fibrous tissues that work to connect two bones together in a joint. During a sprain, the ligament may be slightly injured or it may separate completely. Due to a sprain, a person has to face pain. These are usually not a big problem and quite common but improper handling may lead to the problem getting worse. Sprains are often caused by lack of exercise, calcium deficiency, potassium deficiency or injury. Due to sprain, pain and cramps arise in the muscles of the person which causes discomfort to the person. This problem can happen to anyone, anywhere, people of any age.


Symptoms of Sprain

The symptoms of a sprain are listed below-

  • Pain around the affected joint.
  • Inability to use the joint normally or put weight on it.
  • Swelling and feeling of pain when touched.
  • A feeling of Warmness at the place where the skin is red and swollen.


Causes of Sprain
  • Work beyond capacity.
  • Sudden change in direction or speed. Falling somewhere or landing the wrong way.
  • Collision with an object or person.
  • If you suddenly put weight on the front part of your foot, you can sprain your ankle. An ankle sprain can occur if all of the body's weight suddenly falls on the ankle. An ankle sprain can often come from walking or running in rough or uneven terrain.
  • Sprains also occur while playing sports, which involve sudden rapid and low speed.
  • When a person takes part in sports for the first time, he is more likely to get a sprain because his muscles have not felt so much tension before.
  • Experienced athletes can also have this problem. When they overuse their muscles because the increased demands on the use of their muscles can cause sudden sprains.
  • Children who are taking part in sports are also more prone to sprain etc. because they are developing physically.


Tests for Sprain

After a brief physical exam to check for sprains, doctors recommend an X-ray. With the help of an X-ray, any type of break or fracture in the body can be detected. If X-rays does not provide conclusive reports, doctors may request other tests, such as an MRI.


Home remedies for Sprain
Use rock salt to cure sprain-

Rock salt is anti-inflammatory and helps in reducing muscle pain and cramps. It contains magnesium naturally which removes bone pain. This salt draws out the fluid and provides relief from swelling. Therefore, to cure sprain, take two cups of rock salt and mix it in a bucket of lukewarm water. Now take a bath with this water or sit by putting the affected part in the water. Repeat this process until the swelling of the sprain subsides. However, always keep in mind that people who are suffering from heart and BP problems should not use rock salt.


Castor oil is useful in curing sprain-

Castor oil has many medicinal properties which reduce bone pain. For people suffering from arthritis, massaging with castor oil is good for reducing inflammation and cramps. Apart from this, it is beneficial to use castor oil to cure sprains. Apply castor oil in a clean cloth and apply it to the affected area and cover it with something. Now place a hot water bottle over it and remove it in a few minutes. After this, massage the area with light hands. Repeat this process once daily throughout the day until your sprain is completely healed.


Cure with apple cider vinegar-

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties along with a good amount of antioxidants which reduces swelling and pain. Apple cider vinegar reduces the risk of many diseases and also relieves sprains. To use it, take a bath by pouring warm water in a bucket, adding two spoons of apple cider vinegar to it or keep the affected area immersed in this water for a while to reduce swelling and pain. Do this once a day.


Benefits of olive oil for sprains-

There are some compounds in olive oil that are anti-inflammatory. With its help, the sprain of the feet gets cured easily. This oil is used for many diseases because it is beneficial for health. To use olive oil, slightly warm this oil and massage the affected area with a light hand. Massaging with olive oil provides quick relief from sprains. Do this at least four to five times a day.


Use of clove oil-

The way clove oil is used for teeth related problems. In the same way, this oil also helps in curing the problem of sprains because it has some anaesthetic properties that work to reduce inflammation and its pain. For this, take one or two teaspoons of clove oil and leave it for some time. After this, apply the oil to the affected area with light hands and massage it for some time. This procedure provides relief from muscle pain.


Use of Onion for Ankle Injury-

Onion has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the pain of ankle injury, fingers, and arthritis. To use onion, cut it into small pieces and put this chopped onion in a cotton cloth, tie it on the affected area and leave it for at least two hours. Do this process once a day.


Use of Aloe Vera Gel-

Aloe vera gel is used to cure sprains. Massaging with aloe vera gel provides relief from sprains. Apart from this, ayurvedic medicine of aloe vera is given in case of sprain in the feet of the players so that they can get rest soon. If you want to take ayurvedic medicine of aloe vera, then definitely consult a doctor.


Treatment of Sprain

Rest your affected joint when the sprain occurs. Try not to put pressure on the sprain until it heals. In this case, the joint gets enough time to heal.



Swelling and burning can be reduced with the help of ice. Never apply ice directly to the skin. Wrap it in a thin towel or cloth first. Then apply it to the affected area first for 20 minutes and then remove it for 20 minutes. Repeat this process as often as possible within the first 24 to 48 hours of getting the sprain.



Inflammation can also be reduced with the help of pressure. In fact, swelling can be reduced by wrapping the affected joint tightly with a bandage. However, do not wrap too tightly because it can also stop the supply of blood in the body.


Keep it above the heart level-

When sprained, try to keep the affected joint at a height above the level of the heart. This can also help reduce swelling. If the injury is in the knee or ankle, the patient is required to lie on a bed or couch for 2 days after the injury.


When to go to the doctor?
  • Pain, swelling, or stiffness that doesn't get better for 2-3 days.
  • Due to damage to one bone, it is unable to work properly with the other bone.
  • When the ligaments that hold the bones together are torn.
  • On frequent sprains.
  • Experiencing more pain in a straight bone or joint.
  • Tingling or numbness around the joint.
  • When the damaged muscle is not able to move at all because in this case the muscle is completely torn from inside. After which the person needs immediate medical care.

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