Pudina: A Miraculous Medicinal Herb

Pudina: A Miraculous Medicinal Herb

21 December, 2021

We have all heard our mothers and grandmothers praising the qualities of Mint leaves. It has surely marked its presence in every house due to its excellent taste and fragrance. Pudina is not only a taste enhancer but also has several health benefits. It is good for the stomach, and also makes the body healthy. Mint is an aromatic plant and a seasonal all-rounder. It helps to relieve cold, cough in winter. In summers, it protects against heat and sun stroke. Mint is also used for a variety of purposes, such as making products like toothpaste, mouth freshener, candy, and inhaler.


Moving further, we will get to know several health benefits of this herb.  and how it has made its mark among several natural ingredients which are treated as medicinal herbs.


Importance of Mint in Ayurveda


Mint is an Ayurvedic medicine for centuries which works to increase the body’s immunity as well as heal wounds quickly. There are many benefits of pudina. It also fight other diseases by strengthening your immune system.


According to Ayurveda, peppermint works to increase appetite by reducing phlegm and gout. Mint is a powerhouse of minerals as it contains vitamin C, copper, and manganese. It also has properties like bacterial antivirals and antioxidants which works to cure diarrhoea, indigestion, fever, liver, stomach diseases. Mint is also used to reduce stool-urinary diseases. It also reduces physical weakness as well.


Benefits of Mint

  • Mint intake reduces stomach problems. It reduces indigestion, gas, acidity, and inflammation.
  • Chewing mint leaves also helps in curing toothache.
  • Ear pain is cured by putting mint juice in the ear.
  • The use of mint also reduces the problems of dandruff, hair fall etc.
  • Peppermint has gout and calorific properties. It helps in relieving menstrual pain and cramps. Therefore, the intake of mint at the time of menstruation is beneficial.

Benefits of Peppermint Oil

  • Mint oil is beneficial in curing stomach problems.
  • The use of mint oil provides relief in insect bite.
  • Mint oil helps in curing pimples and reducing sinus problems.
  • Mint oil helps in relieving skin allergy.
  • Apply mint oil to hair. It makes hair strong, dense and dark.

Benefits of Mint tea

  • Drinking mint tea provides relief in cold and cough.
  • Drinking mint tea provides relief in headache.
  • Mint tea also helps in curing stool. It cures urinary diseases as well.
  • Drink mint tea. It relieves sore throat and pain.

Benefits of Mint Kadha

  • Mint Kadha fixes diarrhoea problem.
  • In the pain of elephantiasis, drinking Kadha, made of mint leaves provides relief.
  • Mint Kadha removes the problem of constipation.
  • Mint Kadha works to increase appetite.
  • In case of vomiting, drinking mint tea and Kadha provides relief.
  • Mint Kadha cures the problem of indigestion.
  • Drinking Kadha made of mint leaves reduces irritation in body and fever.
  • Since the nature of Kadha is warm, it helps in removing mucus from the body.

Benefits of Mint Paste (Lep)

  • Applying mint paste on the skin cures pimples, rashes and other skin diseases.
  • Dry mint leaves and vinegar paste cures inflammation caused by phlegm defect.
  • Mint paste helps in healing the wounds quickly due to immense healing capacity.
  • Applying mint paste on a scorpion bite reduces pain and burning sensation.